FrankenJS – Franconias first JavaScript user group

A few months ago my friend Dominik and me decided to found the first JavaScript user group for the northern part of Bavaria. At this time we had no clue about the JavaScript-community and interests in this region.

After some weeks of planning and organizing we kicked off the first event at Coworking in Nuremberg, with great talks about BaconJS and GruntJS, self 3D-printed key chains and an awesome audience: 23 people!

3D-printed key chains by @schlotzz.

3D-printed key chains by @schlotzz.

We received a lot of positive feedback and are glad to announce the next meetup at the 2nd of December. So feel free to join us and let’s have a nice pre-XMAS event. It will definitely not be the last JS meetup!

FrankenJS JavaScript Meetup – 02. December 2014 – 7pm – Coworking Nürnberg.

From January 2015 the meetup will take place each month and we are happy about anybody who want to join or contribute to the user group. Everybody is warmly welcome.

Find more information at the Website, follow us on Twitter and join the Meetup.

BTW: we are always looking for people who wanna give a talk :) Please send us the topic and a short description to

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